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Integrated Circuit ST Microelectronics reference deleted
Last Post 31 Jul 2015 09:16 AM by Patxi Mugica. 0 Replies.
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Patxi Mugica
New Member
New Member

31 Jul 2015 09:16 AM
    can someone tell me which is the reference of an integrated circuit ST with these data:
    14 pins.

    pin 3 VDC (+ 12V)
    pin 12 GND

    I think these are:
    pin 1 output of an oscillator
    pin 13 rising edge pulse oscillator
    pin 14 of the trailing edge pulse oscillator

    and the rest of the pins to resistors and capacitors.

    The board manufacturer has scraped the reference.
    Thanks, Patxi.
    You are not authorized to post a reply.