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Coal Briquetting Machine/Coal Briquetting Machine Price/Coal Briquette Machine For Sale
Last Post 30 Jul 2015 06:27 PM by li ling. 0 Replies.
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li ling
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New Member

30 Jul 2015 06:27 PM
    32Coal Briquetting Machine, Coal Briquetting Machine Price, Coal Briquette Machine For Sale

    Overview of Coal Briquette Machine For Sale

    Coal briquette machine or coal briquetting machine is also called coal ash briquette machines, coal briquetting plant or coal briquette plant whose molding process can be classified into cold briquetting and hot briquetting, and the former occupies an important position. According to the development of China's economy and environment protection, cleaning coal technology must be vigorously developed in our country. Features of coal briquetting plant or coal briquette machine include energy conservation, pollution abatement and high economic benefits with small investments, which makes the good foundation and development direction for its wide promotion.

    Coal Briquette Machine Characteristics

    1. Our ball press machine has tremendous pressure.

    2. Our factory has two big types ball press machine: one is mechanical ball press machine;the othe type is hydraulic ball press machine.

    3. According to your raw material and capacity, we have different size ball press machine to fufill your demands.

    4. Energy saving, friendly-environment, Low-consumption.

    5. All spare parts especially easy-wearing parts are made by durable material, like 65Mn,Cr, etc.

    Coal Briquetting Machine for Pillow Shape

    1. It can produce egg shape coal or charcoal ball;

    2. High capacity and high efficiency;

    3. Good quality.
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