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Last Post 30 Jul 2015 05:18 AM by Md Mijanur Rahman. 0 Replies.
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Md Mijanur Rahman
New Member
New Member

30 Jul 2015 05:18 AM
    I have 3.8V and 1.5Ah battery.I will use a step up circuit that gives 5v and 300mA

    output using 3.5v in(from my battery).Then i will use blocking diode to take voltage

    only(5v) and i dont need current from this circuit.Again I will also use a step down

    circuit that gives 1v and 3A output using 3.5v in(from my battery).Then i will use

    another blocking diode to take current(3A) only and i dont need voltage from this

    circuit.So Can i get 5v and 3A output in this way from a 3.8V and 1.5Ah battery?And

    Now what will happen with my battery?

    I need to understand that if I can get more power out of the circuit than comes out

    of the batteries. To extrapolate what I want to do, imagine I want to power my house

    with 240V @ 100A (24KW). I want it with a 1V @ 100A (0.1KW) power source combined

    with a 240V @ 1A (0.24KW) power source.

    If to power my house with 1v@100A(taking the current only from here using blocking

    diode) and with 240v@1A(taking the voltage only from here using another blocking

    diode) and combine both of this to get 240@100A.Is it possible? Well if it is

    possible i will again feed back the 5v and 3A output to battery to recharge it.So

    before being the battery empty(if) i will be recharging it again by the estimated

    output from the combined circuits.Will the battery really be empty after producing

    separately stepped volt and current or can i get volt(5v) and current(3A) greater

    than my battery(3.8V,1.5Ah) in this way?Does my thinking have a hope?
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