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Aerodynamics potential flow analysis
Last Post 20 Nov 2014 04:31 AM by Hannah Jane. 0 Replies.
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Hannah Jane
New Member
New Member

20 Nov 2014 04:31 AM
    Hi! I have an assignment on potential flow analysis. Could someone please help me with the 1st question I'm really struggling! Here it is:

    Topical Cyclone Hudhud, combined with a North easterly wind (120mph). Assuming the cyclone could be represented by an it rotational vortex, which could be represented by the steam function: ψ=(-K/2π)lnr
    And the potential function: φ=(-K/2π)θ

    1. Derive expressions for the stream and potential functions of the combined flow.
    2. What is the velocity field of the combined flow?

    ( The lecture told us that we needed to add the stream functions to give
    ψ=-urcosθ+Vrsinθ+(-K/2π)lnr )
    Q1 needs to include polar co-ordinates

    Thanks!!! :D
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