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powerbus technology
Last Post 19 Aug 2014 03:06 AM by riswin m h. 0 Replies.
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riswin m h
New Member
New Member

19 Aug 2014 03:06 AM
    This is an unique technology which can use ready RS485, CAN, Meter-Bus, ethernet to build network with both of the signal/power in two wires (total bus can provide 960 watt power and 0~48 watt in every terminal). Up to 256 terminals and up to 3000m distance if you down the power ability (we call it RS485 with power, enhanced m-bus, enhance RS485, different POE)
    this technology success in below applications
    • automation device in factory (sorting system or other control system)

    • Fire emergency monitor system
    • evacuation indicating lighting system (Totally 3M pieces budget from top 8 customers in China)
    • Intelligent lighting control system (low voltage of DC lines’ lighting)
    • wired sensor network (4 wires to 2 wires)
    • Elevator control
    • wired electronic label in supper market or factory
    • Digital filing cabinet (500~1000 points per equipment)
    • Intelligent irrigation in farm
    • water conservation device in building (magnetic valve)
    • Storehouse monitoring
    • Ball valve (heat meter)

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