The Toasted Tunnel ??
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19 Jun 2012 05:54 AM
    It was a long and dirty 20 years for the tunnel workers. Every day they got on the elevator and went numerous meters down into the earth to give their best performance. They were excellent workers too. The foreman of Palsha Mining Company was so proud of his employees, that he decided he wanted to show his proud gesture to them when the tunnel was finished. When it finally came to an end of the 20 years of digging, the foreman went down into the tunnel with champagne to throw them a toast. The foreman threw the toast and everyone sipped to it except for one tunnel worker. When the worker was asked why he didn't drink to the toast, he replied, "I can't because I've been sober for 10 years. I do accept the nice gesture though." When the toast was finished, they went on the elevator to return to the surface to go home. However, all the workers were instantly sick when they got off the elevator besides the man who didn't drink. I mean INSTANTLY! Why did the workers get sick so quickly and the man that couldn't drink the champagne didn't?