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15 May 2012 01:33 AM
    Welcome to the very first episode of Space Adventures! Viewers, this is a science fiction show like none other. Each week, we will air a new episode. Each week, there will be an event during the show that defies all known science, and each week, we will award a prize to the first 25 viewers to call in and tell us what the event is! So, strap in, because we're ready for takeoff.

    "Commander Frakes, we are in orbit around Venus. Ready to land, sir."

    "Very good, take us down."

    Once they landed, Frakes and his small crew donned special pressure suits and left the tiny craft. They were on a very important mission, to find any sign of life on Venus. Even a tiny colony of bacteria would've been a cause for excitement. Johnson scanned the area with a special infrared device, looking for any areas that were either warmer or cooler than the surrounding environment. Every unusual reading would warrant investigation.

    They had searched for several hours, when Johnson suddenly shouted, "Sir! A storm is moving in; we'd better find shelter!" They were too far away from the ship to get to it in time, so they found a rocky outcropping that looked deep enough to shelter them. Just in time, too! A brief but intense shower of rain swept through the area. It evaporated almost the instant it hit the ground. Hills, the newest member of their crew, asked, "Commander, it's just rain. Why do we need to take shelter?"

    Frakes grinned at her. "That's acid rain. Our suits aren't built to take it. We'd get burned to nothing even if we were out there for five minutes."

    Finally, the shower was over. The crew continued to search for life, but after a couple of months they had to admit defeat. Apparently, nothing survived on the surface and they weren't equipped to search underground. They did, however, map the area with far more detail than ever before. Possible routes below ground were marked for further investigation. Frakes and his crew returned to Earth, where they prepared for their next mission.

    Viewers, we are standing by for your calls! What was wrong with this episode?
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    17 May 2012 02:42 PM
    Let's count a few

    1. The pressure on the surface of Venus is very high on the order of 92 atmospheres. You need a suit that will protect from external pressure not one which will retain pressure like those for Mars or the Moon.

    2. The temperature on Venus is hot enough to melt Lead. There for no liquid water or rain and no bacteria or acid rain. Organics would not survive.

    3. With the high temperatures equipment would be lucky to last for hours much less months.

    Just to name a few.