leak Test validation of formulas
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28 Jan 2013 12:46 PM
    Below is a an equation to calculate mass that will leak away at an allowable rate in 10 sec's this answer needs validation as well as the one below so I would appreciate ones help. Thanks

    P := 14.7∙psi
    Q := 4.5•10¯2 •cc/sec
    Q := 1.59•10¯6 •ft³/sec
    t := 10•sec
    T := 519•R
    R := 10.73•(ft³•psi)/(R•lbmol)

    V :=Q•t
    V := 1.59•10¯5• ft³ ....is this true?

    N:=4.197∙10¯8∙LBMOL ....is this true?


    Chamber conditions:
    P := 14.7∙psi + 6.4 ∙psi
    P := 21.1
    V:= .030865•ft³
    R:= 10.73∙ (ft3∙psi)/(R∙lbmol)
    T:= 519•R

    Calculate the mass of air in the chamber:

    N:=1.16945∙10¯4∙LBMOL ..........is this true?

    Thanks for any help.
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    28 Jan 2013 04:16 PM
    One of us is making an error in unit conversion

    I convert 4.5e-2 cc/sec to 1.59e- 6 cuft/sec.

    The conversion used is 30.48 cm/ft - 28317 cc/cuft or 3.53e-5 cuft/cc

    I did not check farther.

    Niel Leon