about being an engineer
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25 Jun 2012 11:46 PM
    I am studying a business program now.
    yet, I would like to be an engineer in the future. Are there any ways for me to be engineer? Like self-study and passing through exams?
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    20 Jul 2012 05:21 AM
    In order to be an engineer you have to have a engineering degree, especially if you want to get your Professional Engineering License. You do not need a degree in order to event though.
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    14 Aug 2012 08:31 PM
    Hi. Engineering is a broad field. In most cases, and I suspect in most countries, you will need at least a Bachelor of Science (BS) (or equivalent) in an Engineering discipline. I can only speak for how it is in the United States where many companies require you to hold a BS just to be employable as an Engineer.

    I think the other half of this is understanding why you want to be an Engineer. In my opinion, Engineering programs are generally more rigorous and disciplined than Business programs (sorry Business majors:^)). As Engineering is an applied science, the curriculum is heavy in math and sciences. I happen to think it is a great profession but is not for everyone.

    Most BS_E (Insert your discipline in the blank) programs take 4 to 5 years to complete. You can probably use some the courses you have already taken toward
    social science
    objectives that will help cut this time some.

    If you do all this and decide you want to
    as an engineer, most governments require some sort of licensing before you can use the title
    . In the US, each state has its own Licensing Board. For example, the state of Oregon requires BS_E + 4 years Engineering work experience as an Engineer or 8 years of Engineering work experience without the degree.

    If all this has not scared you off, I hope this helps answer your question. Good Luck!