Too old for software engineering?
Last Post 14 Aug 2013 05:45 PM by Warren Wong. 0 Replies.
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Warren Wong
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14 Aug 2013 05:45 PM
    I recently completed my bachelors in mechanical engineering (mid 2013) but have never been that interested in my degree. Failing to discover another path I stuck with it and even graduated with honours. More recently I have become very interested in software engineering and have been accepted to study a Masters in SE starting Mar 2014. However I will be 27 when I graduate and I fear that I will be too old for the industry or overqualified with little experience. Of course I will be looking for work experience during my masters but even then I will be competing with people who have many more years on me in terms of software engineering.

    My safer alternative that I would consider is to apply for mechanical engineering jobs now and aim to study my masters part time.

    Is 27 too old to be entering the software engineering industry? Am I better off sticking with mechanical engineering? Any advice will be appreciated :)