Electronic system design
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diana candy
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21 Nov 2012 06:15 PM
    I want an idea on how to develop a simulation circuit using simple software based on the explanation below. Attached is our sketching. Your suggestion are highly appreciated. Thanks.

    The project about Multi-Frequency Electronic Mosquito Repellent System design was an alternative to repel the mosquito that can causes the critical diseases. This system was design from the combination of block circuits which are power supply circuit, light sensitive circuit, mosquito repellent circuit and output circuit. The output frequency range will selected in sequence for every 1 minute was 15 kHz until 18 kHz and only operate in the low light intensity (dark) by using sensor as the automatic switch. The system was expected can save the electricity and repelled the mosquito that immune with the fixed frequency within 2 meters. Experimentation of this system was used different parameters such as time, distance and angle. The finding shows the system were produce frequency approximately to 15 kHz in minute first, 16 kHz in minutes third, 17 kHz in minutes fifth and 18 kHz in minutes seven. The higher strength of sound level was 58 dB for 0.5 meters with frequency 15 kHz, while the lowest strength of sound level with frequency 18 kHz for 2.0 meters was 37.2 dB. The sound level strength was not affected by angle changing 0º, 90º, 180º, and 270º and suitable to apply in a closed room.