Where should I begin?
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19 Jun 2012 06:18 PM
    Ok, so I just recently graduated from college with a BA in Psychology, recently as in April. My last semester I had a severe change in direction from an experience with life basically. But I never felt so passionate about doing something like the way I feel about working with horses. That is how I know that this is what I want to do. The math is what also changed my heart. I have always loved math, but forgot about how much I enjoyed it until I took another math class my last semester. I am going back for another 4 year degree. I thought that was the best considering my math and science background aren't as strong as they should be for a major like this. The major I chose is the Physics with Engineering Physics option. I am still pretty young (22) and would like to either get into aerospace engineering or mechanical. What I am curious about is internships to look into right away? or when should I start looking for them. Oh and the physics engineering option is the only engineering accreditation ABET at the school. I could possibly transfer if I think it's in the best interest. What exactly should I do to prepare for the next few years if I want to get into the aerospace industry or go toward the mechanical engineering field? All opinions are welcome. Please help.
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    05 Jul 2012 04:47 AM

    Your best place to start is the career center or dean of students office in the university from which you just graduated, especially if they have the programs you are interested in. They can give you the best advice on pursuing the career path you are interested in pursuing.

    One of my Stepsons did the same thing. He got his BA in Psychology and determined it was not the career path for him. Went on to get a BSEE from JHU and then went on to get his PHD in Engineering Physics. It will be a difficult and possibly expensive road to follow. You need good advice from a professional to ensure that you have the maximum opportunity for being successful.

    Niel Leon