0.2% proof stress - youngs modulus
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19 Apr 2012 09:42 AM
    for a uni question i need to draw a stress - strain graph. i worked out the stress and strain and drew the graph, then i was asked to find the 0.2% proof stress.

    the scale of my strain at the bottom of the graph went from 0 - 0.02 so i couldnt find the 0.2%.

    after trawling the internet for hours i have found that some people say 0.02 expressed as a percentage is 0.2, which i understand but then how do i label the graph?

    do i lable the x axis "strain" with the scale 0 - 0.02 or %strain with the scale 0 - 2.

    if the second option is right then at what stage do i times the strain by 100 to make it a percent? before or after i find the youngs modulus?
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    21 Apr 2012 09:46 AM
    Does your stress / strain curve look something like this


    If so go to Wikipedia and review what is said about ductile materials


    The 0.2% point is the variation from the linear portion of the stress strain curve and is used to determine the yield point for ductile materials.

    Niel Leon