how to calculate the dimension (radius, height and width of blade)
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31 Jan 2012 07:43 AM
    I am a student of engineering. My lecturer assigned me to produce a prototype of floating waterwheel river turbine that connected to a 3-phase permanent magnet generator. It is necessary for this generator to generate constant power of 500Watt to charge 12V battery. the water flow at constant speed of 2m/s. emf constant for generator I calculate is 0.06 V/rpm. Can anyone give me the formula for me to calculate the dimension (height, radius of waterwheel and width of the blade) of the waterwheel I need to built to get this amount of power.
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    25 Feb 2012 08:13 PM
    Interesting engineering problem.
    Let's analyze the information given:
    Floating water wheel river turbine, connected to a 3-phase permanent magnet generator. The information about the 3-phase type, and the permanent magnet type provide no help in finding a solution.
    The requirement is that the generator produce 500W constant power to charge 12V battery. So, we have power and voltage, therefore we can compute current. However, having the value of current does not help us figure out dimensions of this water wheel.
    We have water flow speed.
    How did you calculate the emf constant?
    Is there additional information to this problem?