Pump design
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John Chih
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22 Jun 2015 05:23 AM
    Hello, i have a question about the design of fountain pump. Here's the problem: By estimating the height of the fountain's central (the highest one) and other quantities, determine weather it would be better to have a pump just below the water's surface or at the bottom of the lake. What kind of pump do you recommend?

    Note: It can be considered as a big fountain with highest water jet of about 10 meters.

    Based on the information on this site: http://www.pumpfundamentals.com/tut...tm#ener...

    I think the pump should be placed just below the surface of the water, so there is a big depth of water underneath to provide enough elevation energy. Haven't done the calculation yet, so it's just my assumption.

    Thank you very much in advance.