Help with which degree to choose
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Charles Matusevich
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11 Jun 2014 04:02 PM
    I have been fascinated with technology since I remember. My uncle worked for Motorola and would always bring me prototypes to play with and take apart when I was younger. I also love creating and messing around with apps and decided that Computer Engineering would be perfect to me. But, the more and more I research and talk about it with other people I am not so sure it is for me.

    I am a very outgoing and people person and from what I understand being a computer engineer is a lot of programming and being behind a computer screen from 9 to 5; that just is not me. I need interaction with people.

    So I decided to research and saw that industrial engineering may be the path for me to go through. It seems very managerial and I am a great leader and it is also problem solving but with other people which I believe I would like. There is also some programming you learn while getting your degree so I can still do the things I love the most just not as my job, more as a hobby.

    With industrial being much more broad I could also work in theme parks which was also another one of my dreams.

    If anyone has any insight on jobs or job experience and what you can do with either major please let me know.

    Also, is the money good for both? I assume industrial will be a little less than computer but will it be a significant difference?

    I also was thinking possibly electrical or mechanical but not sure these would really suit me.