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Rasmus Abildgaard Andersen
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25 Sep 2013 02:02 PM
    My name is R. Abildgaard, and i'm a student at South danish university.

    My question is about market screening and is part of the 'fine-gained' screening. I'm about to write a market analysis on a fictitious product, which I shall examine whether England could be a possible market.
    Right now i'm reading "Global Marketing - A decision-oriented approach" 4th edition. I read about attractiveness and competitive strength, and what A, B and C countries. I can understand why one would settle his company, factory etc. in an A country. But in the book there is only drawbacks to settle in B and C countries. Is there not some advantages to settle there or is there only cons? Such as a low wage to employees, low material prices, etc. Because why would people then start up company in such country?

    So my question is what are the real pros and cons in settling in a B or C country. Hope there is some on that can help.

    Regards R. Abildgaard, 21, Global Management and Manufacturing student (1. semester)