Secondary container grounding
Last Post 19 Mar 2013 02:32 AM by Niel. 1 Replies.
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KT Sriram
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New Member

18 Mar 2013 06:51 PM
    Do we need to ground diesel secondary containers (doubt is not for the main storage tank here !)
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    19 Mar 2013 02:32 AM

    Are you Talking about the secondary container being used to receive the fuel from the primary container?

    If so you should. Diesel is a poor conductor as a result static charge can build up on the surface of the secondary container unless there is a way to for the charge to be released to ground.

    This static charge if allowed to build up can result in a spark which in theory could ignite the diesel. It is more important for petrol, but can still be an issue.

    Niel Leon