deflection on RC plane
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23 Jul 2012 06:50 AM
    6500mmx12000x1000mm thick reinforced concrete plinth with embedded I beam x2 supported by piles(875mm apart) beneath plinth; plinth is 20mm seal joint apart with surrounding area. area surround where I beam254x254x73kg/mUC deflection inside plinth=deflection also outside plinth AROUND the 20mm seal joint =5 arc second, why?what are the possibilities? Other places INSIDE plinth, deflection=0 or 1arc second ??; loading =20-30 tonne. Outside plinth less piles density.
    Loading along I beam axis. How to prevent deflection? measurement taken from niveltronic 0.01mm/m, Can licensed surveyor confirm this? What are the possible solutions? aren't all readings the same?why is there variation on the same plane( plinth)???