Supporting a partial Second Floor by way of LVLs? A different approach.
Last Post 29 Apr 2015 08:06 AM by Patrick Bier. 0 Replies.
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Patrick Bier
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29 Apr 2015 08:06 AM
    I'm a mechanical engineering by degree, but have always spent time building on houses growing up. I'm working on a project in my home in which i am removing a large part of the center support of the home causing it to have quite the span. I will have a span of roughly 30 ft that i need to cover. Every time i see these TV shows you have these big hulking Beams having to be installed. My attic area is built on an open truss system, and their is a second floor above that was built into the attic space. The span from one location to the next for load bearing walls is 30 ft approximate. This is perpendicular to the joists. The span for the joist length is approximately 20 ft from foundation to foundation.
    I'd like input on other peoples views in the profession concerning this. I am wanting to put a hanger on all the trusses for that 30 ft span. I've encloses a sort of bracket that i'm thinking of doing. This setup i have drawn is just a first thought of running 2x8 flat, and then 4x6 atop of it to add rigidity. Each one of the joists would have on of these hangers on it, and would allow distribution of the load. Please let me know what you guys think. This is not my specialty, but i'm really trying to think it through. This approach would allow me to put the joists and rigid beams above the ceiling joists and hang them so i would not have this hulking 6 in drop in the ceiling.
    Also second idea is using 3 LVL beams together setting on a seal plate. Basically like this picture except instead of the 4x6 it would be 3 of the 14 or 16" LVL's aside each other.

    Let me know what you think. Its pricey to do, but it has even pricier and fatal consequences if i'm far off the mark.