Shallow Foundation doubt
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Apple XN
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18 Sep 2014 06:48 AM
    A strip footing is located at a depth of 0.75 m in a sand of unit weight 18 kN/m3
    ; the water table being well below the foundation level. The characteristic shear strength parameters are c’ = 0 and φ’ = 38o. The footing supports a design load of 500 kN/m. Determine the required width of the foundation for the ultimate limit state to be satisfied to EC7 DA1b.

    As attached as an image.
    The final answer is 310.5B + 243B. But, as you see, ((310.5 + 243B)B)/1.0, why is it not 243B^2? Is the width negligible? Or?

    I do not quite understand why is it not 243B^2 instead of the given answer by my school teacher that is 310.5B + 243B.

    Thank you in advance.