Southern yellow pine floor beam
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Mark Hay
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13 Sep 2014 05:48 AM
    Hi, new here. First forum I found, so forgive if not exactly the right place to ask.

    I live on an out island in the Bahamas, which means steel beams, lvl, glulam etc is unavailable or very expensive and months away, so looking for an old-school solution...

    Building a 24x24ft wooden house, as a complete amateur. It's 2 storey (with a small tower on one corner and a roof deck). I want the lower floor to be completely open inside and have been advised a built up beam is the way to go. So, I can get 24ft long 2x12 (actually 1.5x11.25" or 3.8x28.5cm) pressure treated southern yellow pine.

    We're considering a 3-ply built up beam, glued with 1/2" plywood between the lumber, and bolted together.

    Can I use this as a floor beam, and run 8ft and 16ft 2x12" floor joists off of it, 16"oc? Would that span 24ft OK, with a storey above it (2 beds/1bath, but non-loadbearing internal walls)?

    TIA for any advice.