Changing floor joist direction
Last Post 13 Jun 2014 03:36 PM by Joe Maio. 0 Replies.
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Joe Maio
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13 Jun 2014 03:36 PM
    I am currently in the middle of drawing plans for my home to rebuild and add an additional level due to termite damage. The home is currently a split level with vaulted ceilings throughout with cinder block foundation, and crawl space. I am trying to design floor joists that run the width of the room with no posts/beams, but have been told I need to make one of the walls a load bearing wall to do so. Dotted lines in the picture represent foundation under the floor, as well as the two piers under the floors. My issue is with determining loads for the roofs (peak over the center of each side of home) and if this is something that is feasible. What I'm trying to avoid is:

    1.Structural post shown in entertainment room
    2.Boxing out for HVAC/plumbing if joists run parallel to roof rafters

    While creating an open floor plan

    Span charts ive seen are showing 2x12s 12 OC. Any tips or suggestions on making the center wall load bearing?