Favourite piece of structural engineering?
Last Post 07 Jan 2014 10:49 PM by Gloria SAkins. 1 Replies.
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Steve Smith
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07 Jan 2014 12:36 AM
    I've been fascinating by mankinds works of structural engineering that have been created over the past few thousand years. One of my personal favourites is the artificially created palm tree-shaped islands in Dubai, they look beautiful: http://www.yorkshireprofiles.co.uk/...ievements/

    What's your favourite structure? Is it your favourite down to the amount of work and creativity that was put into it, or just simply because of how amazing it looks?
    Gloria SAkins
    New Member
    New Member

    07 Jan 2014 10:49 PM
    According to me the best architecture is Universal Studio, New York. It is the famous Amarican motion picture studio. The Design pattern is awesome. http://www.universalengineering.net...gineering/