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23 Nov 2012 08:53 AM
    Trying to establish the right connectivity of Supercapacitors with Battery Bank. EV will have regenerative braking. Have on hand ten 2.5v 3000 farads Supercaps and currently have them placed as two 12.5V batteries in Parallel with two of the six 12v batteries in the 72v battery bank. How should I connect the regenerative brake system to the supercaps and in turn to the battery bank?
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    05 Jan 2013 06:38 PM
    I am a little rusty on my electronic theories so hopefully someone who is more familiar with the regen braking systems on ev's would chime in. I don't recommend center tapping the batteries though because you charge only two batteries in the battery bank which creates a difference between all batteries within the battery bank; so when you try to charge them you can damage the batteries or the charger.

    It is doable but not recommended to center tap batteries within a battery bank. If the regen braking system can produce 72 vdc I would recommend connecting the caps in series to equal 74.5 vdc then adding the caps in parallel with the complete battery bank. I would also recommend adding diodes in between the braking system and caps to stop any voltage from feeding back to the brake system when not in use.

    I could help you more if I knew more about the regen braking system.