how to check a small power supply board supplying 0.23v?
Last Post 18 Jun 2012 02:04 AM by saran75. 0 Replies.
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18 Jun 2012 02:04 AM
    The (device under test) or small power supply board has 4 pins where the first 2 pin are channel 1 (having +ve & -ve value) and last 2 pin are channel2 (having +ve & -ve value). From the 2 channels , I need to check the board are working or not working. So plan to use voltage divider plus the variable switch, potentiometer and 2 led to check device under test are good or bad.

    Can you help me on how to draw the circuit for the above matter?

    Really need your help. Kindly please help me.

    If you don't understand my point , please let me know.

    Waiting for your reply.