Difference between TOCs, MOCs and 52 breakers
Last Post 07 Jul 2015 03:56 AM by Alex Strother. 0 Replies.
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Alex Strother
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New Member

07 Jul 2015 03:56 AM
    As I am working on a project I have come across TOCs, MOCs, and 52a / 52b.

    The internet has been helpful when it comes to 52a / 52b breakers. 52a means it is an AC Circuit Breaker which contact mimics the breaker (contact is closed when breaker is closed) and 52b means the contact is in the opposite position of the breaker.

    A MOC is a mechanism-operated cell which also mimics the position of the breaker. If this is correct how is it different than a 52a?

    As for a TOC I have been unable to find a solid explanation of what it does. Any clarification on this would be most helpful!