Question for an elecrical engineer
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02 Mar 2015 09:28 AM
    I am using a line voltage hot surface ignitor. I am using two 18 gauge wires to initially power and then to read a signal. I need at least a 1 micro-amp reading from the source, normally it will read from 1 up to 1.75 micro-amps. The wire are directly connected to the hot surface ignitor and then sealed from the factory and then I install pins that fit into a wire harness connector. The problem I have arises if the hot surface ignitor breaks and the wiring harness is not easily accessible. We can cut the wire, splice them, and use direct solder or wire nuts to make the connection. If we use butt connectors or some other type of connector the signal drops below an acceptable level, maybe it is increasing the resistance? If it is increasing the resistance would there be a connector that I could use that would allow the signal to flow freely?