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Brandon jordan
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22 Dec 2014 05:45 PM
    Hi, my name is Brandon. I am having a very hard time finding a true answer as to the difference between ECET and EE? I am currently one semester into my BS in ECET degree, what I am wondering is if I should continue with this or if I should change?

    I chose this degree because I was told it is more of a hands on approach to electrical engineering as the EE is more theory based? As well as, my advisor told me that if there are no EE jobs available I can apply for computer engineer jobs as well. No one in my classes seem to know anymore than me as far as this goes. I don't know anyone that has graduated with either engineering degree to give me advice either. It appears the same as the EE only with one less math class, Calc III. I love math and I do very well in it so that is not a concern to me. I am planning on having a math minor with the ECET if I plan to continue with it anyways so I will have that math as well. I love working in the labs over the classrooms so I assume I would like to work hands on with projects as to in a office for my career.

    What I am starting to think about now is finding a job when I graduate, I was told that the ECET's apply and get the same jobs as the EE's. But, looking online I see half of people saying they do and the other half saying the opposite and downgrading the ECET's.

    I start my second semester in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone could give me some real world experience advice with what I should do? I am attending Western Carolina University in NC. I just do not want to continue with this degree if I am going to just get let down and wish I would of done the EE degree. Or, if I am fine then just not having to worry about this issue no more.

    Thanks for the help tremendously!