How much energy would be stored in the capacitor
Last Post 04 Sep 2014 05:33 AM by Mike McGregor. 1 Replies.
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Steve Dorozenski
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New Member

29 Jun 2014 11:00 AM
    I have two small generators that are outputting 6 volts DC and 5 volts DC during there run.

    They run separately in our system and I need to know how much electrical energy they could charge a capacitor during the run time.

    Gen 1: 7 seconds at 6 volts DC

    Gen 2: 7 seconds at 5 volts DC.

    I am sure I may not be providing all the information but this is all I have. Thanks for your help.
    Mike McGregor
    New Member
    New Member

    04 Sep 2014 05:33 AM
    We need to know the maximum current capacity of the generator (or the power in Watts).
    We need to know the details of the capacitor you intend to charge, and the value of the resistor you intend to charge the capacitor through.