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craig peet
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18 Apr 2014 04:45 AM

    attached are the circuits I have created.

    I am trying to run a test for ABB's HVDC circuit breaker and for Alstom's HVDC circuit breaker. I developed a model for the HVDC using just an IGBT as the circuit breaker and got the expected results however when I replace IGBT with either the Alstom or ABB design that I have created on SIMULINK the simulation takes for ever to load and then crashes.

    for the ABB model the aux IGBT has:

    internal R 0.2ohms
    snubber R 1e3
    snubber C 0.0001

    the IGBT stacks are 100 4.5kV IGBTs in series

    there is a 320kV supply voltage and a load RL branch of 318ohms with a 1000A steady state current.

    does anyone have any ideas?