pulsed permanent magnetic motor/generator
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Barry Weaver
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12 Feb 2014 01:02 PM
    I have been working on a PMG design that differs from any I have seen on the internet. I would like to talk to some of you that have any insight. Theoretically it should produce more energy than is used but I have yet to be able to construct a model. I hope to have one built by the end of Summer 2014. Anyone with any background or information I would appreciate you drop me a line. Also, questions, please ask me questions. My good friend from Morocco who is a ME told me the best thing is to have people ask questions that Ive yet to ask myself to try and test it before building. However, I will not be giving out my design haha for obvious reasons. I might discuss if someone is located near enough by to show my work but I will not be putting it on the internet yet because I have yet to start patent process.
    Thank You