Using RF Transmitter/Receiver to power LEDs
Last Post 04 Feb 2014 07:25 AM by Sean Lynch. 0 Replies.
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Sean Lynch
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New Member

04 Feb 2014 07:25 AM

    I have a pressure sensor that gives off 4 volts when actuated and I would like to transmit it a distance to an LED light. So I found these RF Link Transmitter/Receiver at 434MHz:

    The data sheets and instructions I’ve read all suggest a microcontroller. What I’m asking is this:
    For the transmitter side of my project (sensor that gives off 4V), could I use something other than a microcontroller to convert the 4V to send through the transmitter? I do have an Arduino Yun that I could use for the receiver side, but lets say I didn’t have an Arduino, what would I be able to use to convert the data from the receiver?

    I don’t have much experience with wireless transmission and any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your attention!