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li ling
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03 Aug 2015 05:27 PM
    What is the biomass briquette machine?

    The biomass briquette machine, mainly referring to the charcoal briquette machine, can press all kinds of biomass wastes including straw, rice husk, saw dust, peanut shell, grass, bark and firewood into cylinder biomass fuel pellets with high density. Fote biomass briquette machine has been regarded as the most stable, reliable, efficient and secure machine based on our hundreds of times of trial and error through long time research from our experts. It can work with non-stop for as long as twenty four hours.

    Where can the biomass fuel be applied?

    The biomass briquette machine can provide enough biomass fuel products as the latest regenerated green energy to replace the traditional ones like firewood, coal, gas and liquefied gas etc applied by the life cooking range, heating furnace, hot water boiler, drying furnace and industrial boiler etc.

    Why should you choose Fote biomass briquette machine?

    1. Fote biomass briquette machine is directly driven by the high precise gears with a driving efficiency as high as 98%. Both its gears and oil seal are made of imported wear and temperature resistance materials. Besides, the special lubricating system can realize circulating cooling and automatic oil feeding and lubricating.

    2. The hard and wear resisting gear surface is processed by silent refining technology which makes the charcoal briquette machine run quietly and stably.

    3. Our biomass briquette machine adopts the advanced frequency control feeding device which guarantees the feed uniformity, thus solving the traditional difficult pelletizing and poor effect problems.

    4. The main body of the biomass briquette machine is made of high quality steel and it has uniform thickness and compact structure. Both the main shaft and the connecting hollow shaft are made of imported alloy which can improve the fatigue resistance and wear resistance of the components.