Ways to Maintain the Roller Skin of Briquette Press Machine
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lingzhicao11 Ren
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03 Aug 2015 05:15 PM
    As a core part for the whole briquette press machine, the roller skin is definitely important. Thus daily maintenance for roller skin is inevitable. If roller skin can not work in right way, the desired effect will be difficult to realize. Then the following contents are ways for maintaining briquetting press machine we need to discuss about. The first necessary thing is to inject lubricating oil in movable accessories of roller skin like guide pillars and bushes, etc. It is true that if briquette making machine can not be fully lubricated, the machine itself will be more or less damaged. For roller skin, if it can not be well protected, the operation of whole briquetting machine will be directly influenced.

    It is the hydraulic pump that makes the largest overlap between two press rollers. The largest overlap impels the briquette making machine to reach the desired pressure. If there is anything wrong with the hydraulic pump, the desired pressure will be of failure and the finished briquettes will be poor in hardness.

    During the using process of briquetting machines, the foreign matters should be cleaned regularly. Even though raw materials are difficult to stick to the press roller, little binder would influence the degree of finish for finished briquettes, even cause the finished briquettes being unavailable or broken into pieces. As long as the above problems are being noticed, the ball press machine can perform well to the largest degree.

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