Sourcing of Class 4.6 bolts
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27 Jul 2015 09:13 PM
    Hi all

    We have been sourcing Class 4.6 bolts of the following specifications :

    1. Acceptable fastener standards: ISO4762 (Cap Heads), ISO4014 (Hexagonal Head), etc
    2. Mechanical properties: ISO 898-1:2013 especially Table 2 and 3 with impact energy of at least 27 J tested at – 20 degC or at least 40 J tested at room temperature

    However, we have difficulty sourcing these bolts in good quality. Previously, we have bought some bolts but they showed poor performance in elongation and impact tests.

    As such, we would appreciate it if any of you could advise any source that we can purchase these Class 4.6 bolts in good quality. Thank you very much.