The Future Development Trend of Cone Crusher
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02 Dec 2014 05:46 PM
    Cone crusher is a new type crushing machine suitable to crush all kinds of mineral rock and stone with the medium hardness. Cone crusher is also known as cone breaker, who has the advantages of big crushing ratio, lower energy consumption, higher working efficiency, which can be widely used in the field of the chemical industry and housing building. So the cone crusher is more and more popular with our customers. However, do you consider the future development trend of cone crusher machine?
    Granite and basalt are both volcanic rocks of different granite underground part of the eruption, formed under high pressure, texture than basalt erupted to the surface after the formation of tight, so it is hard. Huang Mountain is the underground granite outcrops in the process of changes in the crust formed. Can use granite in the building from the roof to the floor, sidewalk curb is, if it is crushed but also made of cement or rock fill dam. Granite is widely used in highway, railway, high-grade buildings, housing construction and other fields, closely linked to the development and utilization of mineral resources and mining machinery industry.
    The future development trend of cone crusher is as follows: Cone crusher of high production efficiency and the discharging granularity and the commonly used in a metal concentrator crushing equipment.The original cone crusher in design is not perfect, the interaction between material and material smaller, crushing effect is not very satisfactory, after recent years of renovation has been greatly improved and ascend. But now these modification are can't meet the social development under the requirement of crusher.High efficiency and energy saving, intelligent control has been one of all the development trend of mechanical products, mining equipment is not far behind.