Nut Assembly Strengths and Options
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bill boz
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12 Aug 2014 09:36 AM
    I am trying to determine the strongest and least expensive way to receive a 3/4 inch bolt on a 3/16 inch thick, 4 inch square tube that will be in a vertical position and support up to a thousand pounds of weight bouncing on it for short periods of time in the extreme use case. -----

    What I am aware of and considering is:------

    1. weld a 3/4 inch weld nut to sq tube. I can't find the strength of such a fabrication?-----

    2. bend a small strip of 1/16 inch steel to fit over the 3/4 inch nut and weld the nut to both the DIY cage and the sq tube. Seems expensive?-----

    3. find and buy a 3/4 inch weld cage nut (many names for these) and weld it onto the sq tube. The largest I can find are 1/2 inch.-----

    4. weld a piece of metal to the sq tube, drill the hole and thread the hole to receive a 3/4 inch bolt. I think this requires expensive drills to be accurate?-----

    Your experience and expertise is greatly appreciated.-----

    I apologize that I can't find any formatting functions of keys for the text.