Perplexed Brain, a few questions, about age, college, and an idea of mine.
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Justin Blevins
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25 Jun 2014 08:11 PM
    This honestly belongs in a misc section. I ask you to be kind to me if this does not belong or these have been answered let me know I couldn't find anything but I am bad at searching forums. I guess I should get down to my questions. I have recently figured out what I want to do when I go back to college which will make me about 28 when I head back to college, which would make me kinda old when I get out (in my mid 30's) which concerns me but that is an entirely different thing. I have a couple of things I want to do, I want to know how feasible you think it is for this one to happen, when I get my masters degree I want to first work at nasa for a while and somehow end up on the moon in some way rather it be building something on it or fixing something (my mother said I better bring back some moon rocks I think that is feasible)if you wondering I do live in alabama and nasa does have a place here, how feasible do you think it is. Also once I work with nasa long enough I want to quit (after I paid most of everything off) and to become a freelance mechanical engineer have my own site and my own set hours. I get bored setting in one place working for long loooong periods of time (years and years is more like it) and I think that freelancing could kinda give me the schedule I want and the variety I want, what is your take on that idea? Also, what is my limits with a masters in mechanical engineering and whatever minoring will get me in chemistry, by which I mean what won't I be able to do if that makes sense at all? I know these are not well written and I apologize for it but these thoughts are bugging me and been bouncing around in my head (I usually would use yahoo answers for this but my account is no longer useable and it is also full of trolls now). I have feeling I have no chance since I will be pretty ripe when I get out of college but I am going to try it at least. I do have some general studies under my belt at a previous college which will make the first two years of general studies easier-ish. My apologies if I am in the wrong for writing this. Sorry if my grammar is off too, a little tired.