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Instantly start video recording when required for small area of the CMOS sensor possible? View All
I am working on my personal project using CMOS camera where power consumption should be minimized as much as possible. Therefore, i want the camera to be in a state that consumes the least amount of power (possibly this state is "camera OFF state"? Or is there something like stand-by mode?) but able to start recording again very fast (within 25 milliseconds) when it is demanded. Please note that the resolution i require is quite low, possibly only around 150 x 150 pixels, of which this may be a region of interest within a much higher resolution CMOS sensor. Is this possible or does it require more time than 25 ms? I will need the camera to quickly record video of an event that gives only 20-30 milliseconds warning before it occur and occurs fast, which is why i would like the sensor to able to quickly initiate a recording when required. Thx.

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