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If a single regulator is on two power sources, can only one source be regulated based on overall output? View All
If two power sources enter into a single regulator, does the regulator regulate one or both of the incoming power sources? Also, when excess power is regulated, what happens to it? Is it still pulled from its source and then simply not used?

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Richard B
An ideal dc regulator is fed from some form of supply on the input and produces a constant voltage on the output, regardless of what happens on the input side (which may be fluctuating). One condition is that the input voltage needs to be higher than the required output voltage. Now, from your question it is unclear what type regulator you are referring to. Do you have a model number perhaps? The best way to determine what it can or can't do is to search the web for the datasheet, which should tell you everything you need to know about the device.

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