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shilpi goenka
How can MATLAB software benefit one working in area of metallurgy and material science? View All
As its generally observed,MATLAB software is frequently used by electrical engineering students,but in which areas can a metallurgist use it .if possible?

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Richard B
MATLAB allows the user to find solutions to large sets of simultaneous equations. It also allows the user to solve equations which include differential and integral terms, which are usually extremely time-consuming. Various options for solving these are available, depending on the level of accuracy required (greater accuracy = longer time for MATLAB to process the data). Some of these methods include Euler and Runge-Kutta methods. So, MATLAB would be useful in any areas of metallurgy and material science which involve lots of complicated calculations, done in a short time with a high level of accuracy. For a few examples, go to and do a search on "metallurgy".

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I am using MATLAB for diffusional analysis in High Temperature Alloys. It enables determination of accurate interdiffusion coefficients from simultaneous soloutions of integration terms of numerical equations. It can also be used for several computational fluid dynamics issues such as mass balance, heat balance and charge preparation calculations.

10 years ago


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