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How hot does the stream of air have to be in order heat up the water to 37 degrees celcius? View All
Air is being pumped into five liters of water, contained in standard
5-liter pop bottle, through a sparger that forms small bubbles. The air
flow is about 10 liters per minute. The room temperature is 15 degrees
Celsius. How hot does the stream of air have to be in order heat up
the water to maintain 37 degrees Celsius.

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To determine this you need to know the total heat lost to the outside environment. This will depend on the total exposed surface area of the bottle and the total thermal resistance between the liquid and the air, and the condition of the air some of the heat will be lost due to evaporation.

We do know it will be some temperature above 37C, but without that information it can only be determined experimentally.

Niel Leon

7 years ago


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