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what testing method is use to test plating hardness? example andoizing hardness. View All
i have to plating sample from to different vendor, and i want to do a hardness test on the plating to see which one has a better hardness on the plating, so what method can i use to test the hardness? not the material hardness but the plating hardness.

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Davy Boone
The Knoop Hardness test is good for testing plating or thin sheets. It uses a pyramid shaped diamond that makes a very small indentation. It's often used for foils but works well for plating as well.

11 years ago

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We use a micro-hardness tester for our research. Most hardness tester manufacturers that I talked to initially were not familiar with this type of testing but we found that LECO were able to step up with the right instrument.
This uses the Vickers or Knoop method both of which are selectable and only require slightly different indentation head.

11 years ago


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Micro hardness tester is used to test plating hardness.
Load at which it is to be tested depends on plating thickness or you can test it by taking cross section of samples .

10 years ago


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