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what time of year is the lowest water table View All

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Variations in the depth of the water table over time are very dependent on your location. The depth can change over the course of

1. A day as the result of tides.
2. A year as the result of monthly precipitation variations and demands for use by farming or other
3. Over a number of years as the result of extended droughts
3. Over a number of years as the result of demand on fossil aquifer.

You may want to contact STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES if you are most concerned about water table variations in your area. The SC-DNR has done extensive studies of water table variations. See [1] for a copy of one there reports.

Niel Leon

7 years ago

Source: [1]

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It depends on the season..generally low during Winter as the pull of the sun is low..
But if its a drought there may not be water enough for the water table to rise..
again at places where Monsoon is a form of winter..water table is at its peak then..

7 years ago


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