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Homer simpson
Importance of effective communications during the design and construction of civil engineering work? View All
What is the Importance of effective communications during the design and construction of civil engineering work

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John Blawish
Effective communication during design and construction works is of paramount importance. When a contractor is contracted under a D&B he more often than not does it by pricing a Bill of Quantities for the works. While pricing this BOQ there are very few allowance made for unforeseen ground conditions etc. which will lead to additional costs being levied on the client. All these happenings must be communicated to the relevant party as soon as they are know. I would even advise that a proactive approach be taken and future extras be pin-pointed before they actually happen.
On the actuall building works it is very important that an adequate design brief is recieved from the client to enable the contractor to properly determine his contract price and highlight any details which may prove to be problematic.
On a whole a contract that has poor cummunication is going to yield poor results. So I would be of the firm opinion that effective communication is a must for D&C civil works or any typ

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