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what is diffrence between ball valve & butterfly valve View All
i want to know that coz i m fresher in that field

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A butterfly valve [1] is a simple two way valve with a disk that can be oriented so that it blocks the flow or allows the flow though a pipe or tube. It it relatively simple to make.

A ball valve [2] uses a ball with a hole in it as the plug to either block or allow the flow.

The ball valve is
1. More expensive to make
2. Bigger for the same pipe size
3. Allows unrestricted flow when fully open
4. Is usually rated tor much higher pressures.

Niel Leon

9 years ago

Source: [1]


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A butterfly valve is a flat valve that is either 1 piece or 2 piece. The name comes from the 2 piece that operates like butterfly wings, when opened they fold inward to allow flow and look like a set of wings touching each other. When closed they are flat.

A single piece is a flat disk that rotate about the shaft of the valve. It is still called butterfly as that is what it was made from.

A ball valve is just that, a valve that utilizes a ball to control flow. Inside the ball has been bored through to allow flow to pass through it. The hole bored into the ball is equal to the ID of the pipe connecting to it, therefore the valve is much larger than the pipe.

Ball valves are the typical norm on most installations, the variety of valves that you can obtain allow for use on multiple services and pressures.

Butterfly valves are used when you have limited space for a valve and you are not concerned about flow losses due to the disk being in the flow path. They are also used as control valves to limit flow and induce pressure drops. butterfly valves typically pick up where ball valves stop, which is size dependent. Ball valves can be used in all sizes, but typically stop at 6"-8" which after that butterfly or gate valves are used as it is more economical.

9 years ago


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