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hey guys i'm new to this website. I'm currently working on a biomed degree and was thinking about minoring in a foreign language. I was wondering if i could get some opinions on what would be best for me to minor in. I already know some Italian and that is one of my interests but i am also interested in learning something completely different like Arabic. On a side note, i was also considering double majoring or minoring in Aerospace. good idea or bad idea?

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If you are looking to take a language as your minor, you may want to consider Chinese, Japanese or Spanish. All these languages would be useful to you once you graduate as long as you learn them well enough to use them professionally. This means studying them seriously and even spending time interning with companies were you are forced to use them in a professional environment.

As for getting a double major area Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering. That is quite a bit of specialization. You need to really look at what you want to do when your graduate. Getting involved with an internship program for multiple semesters or better yet getting involved with a Co-operative education program will really help you focus your education and ensure that you leave university with the best basis for developing a successful career.


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