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I am currently a student and i would love to become an Aerospace Engineer, however, I'm not sure if the jobs will be there and wondering which career has more jobs? If someone could help me with this that would be great.
Thanks James

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I see you are located in Indiana. I grew up near W. Lafayette and went to Purdue. Purdue has excellent programs in both Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. By going there you would have the opportunity to explore both and determine if a more general ME degree would suit you better than a more specific AeroSpace Engineering Degree.

Purdue University also has an excellent Cooperative Education program. If you go to Purdue take advantage of it. Alternately you can go to another school with a similar program. This will help you greatly.

When I attended Purdue I was a Co-op Student. Although I finally got my degree in Mechanical Engineering, I did work at Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville AL which is a NASA facility and heavily involved in Aerospace Systems.


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