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S DeNoia
I have a dynamics problem giving me some trouble involving pulleys View All
Two weights are released from rest at time t = 0. Coefficient of kinetic friction = 0.4. Use principle of IMPULSE AND MOMENTUM to determine the magnitude of the velocity of the 10-lb weight at t = 1s

Object A @ 5 lbs is on a horizontal surface, fricton coefficient = 0.4 with a length of rope leading to the right attached to a pulley

Object B @ 10 lbs is hanging vertically off the right edge in free space, contacting only its rope from a pulley

How do I use the principle of impulse and momentum to solve this problem?

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Without a diagram it is hard to give you any real guidance.

Have you prepared a free body diagram of the system?

Is Object A's rope actually attached to the pulley or is it looped over the pulley and attached to Object B's rope.

Is the rope slack or is it tight at the beginning of the process?

If slack how much slack is there?

If it is slack then you can use resultant momentum of the free falling weight to provide the impulse to the system. What happens?


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S DeNoia
I do have a free body. I wish I could draw it here =[

The rope is attached at Object A (a block) and slung over the pulley, then falls 90 degrees to vertical and tight and attached at the top of Object B (also a block) which is not making contact with any surfaces.

9 years ago


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